8th March, 2021: Asirom introduces Qapter® to bring artificial intelligence in the underwriting process for the CASCO car insurance product. Asirom VIG is the first company in Romania and one of the first in Europe to use artificial intelligence (AI) in the risk inspection process for the vehicles it takes out in insurance.

Asirom VIG has improved the validation flow of risk inspections related to CASCO insurance policies, by implementing new technologies that use AI to identify and assess the damages existing at the time of entering the insurance.

Currently, Asirom customers can perform their own risk inspection for CASCO policies, with the help of the application on the asirom.ro website, in less than five minutes, using only their mobile phone. Specifically, based on the offer number or policy, you enter the application, photograph the car according to the instructions and, with a single click, the information is sent to Asirom.

The photographs used to generate the inspection report are analyzed using Solera’s Intelligent Damage Detection, part of the company’s Qapter® solution, an industry leading end-to-end AI powered claims platform. Qapter Intelligent Damage Detection uses Solera’s Visual Intelligence technology to detect and document pre-existing damages at policy inception. This evidence is used to improve risk scoring at underwriting and ensure only new damages are estimated in a potential accident claim.

The new flow developed for CASCO risk inspection has been designed to simplify and improve the process of collecting photos from the customer, as well as for automatic analysis and documentation of the current condition of the vehicle, thus reducing the risk of human error.

“Usage of artificial intelligence represents a step forward for the insurance market in Romania and we are happy to be pioneers in implementing this technology. The initiative is, in fact, another step that Asirom is taking to simplify and streamline processes and services, helping to increase the speed of response to customer requests and their satisfaction,” said Cristian Ionescu, CEO of Asirom VIG.

The use of AI in the detection and assessment of damage is a tool that Asirom aims to include soon in the process of investigating claims, thus ensuring full transparency for the customer, and reducing the time to process claims. In addition, damage inspectors will have a virtual assistant to assist them in assessing damage and proposing appropriate technological solutions.

“Damage estimating assisted by AI is undoubtedly a true game-changer for the motor insurance industry. High volume, repetitive tasks such as physical inspections, photo taking and reporting will be executed more efficiently thanks to digital technologies like Visual Intelligence. By integrating this technology into Asirom’s risk inspection process, we can support its objective to enhance speed and accuracy across its validation flows and improve customer experiences,” comments Aurel Ivan, Country Manager, Audatex Romania.

The platform is in a continuous development process, aiming both to increase the user experience in the application, as well as to improve the performance of the fault identification algorithm and to propose technological solutions. In order to have high quality photos to detect damage with great precision through AI, Solera’s Guided Image Capture application will guide the client in the process of collecting photos, by generating a mask with the shape of the body specific to the insured vehicle, properly oriented.

The widespread use of the application generates an increase in the number of cases investigated, leading to an increase in the performance of the solution based on Solera Visual Intelligence technology. The accuracy of the fault identification process will improve as the application is used and, as a result, it will be possible to automatically generate the repair estimate in case of damage, which will lead to a high degree of digitization of the damage instrumentation process.


About Asirom Vienna Insurance Group

Asirom VIG is one of the most important insurance companies on the market, with 30 years of experience in Romania. The company has a national network of 140 agencies, 1,900 active agents and numerous external partners.

Asirom is part of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), a company with over 200 years of experience in the financial field and leader in the insurance market, both in Austria and in Central and Eastern Europe. VIG manages 50 insurance companies in 30 countries and has over 25,000 employees. The group has the best rating in the ATX index on the Austrian stock market and is also listed on the Prague Stock Exchange.

For more information, please visit www.asirom.ro


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